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Gold Dealer

Have you come into an inheritance, or are you looking to purchase gold? Or perhaps you are looking to sell jewelry or scrap pieces? Then you've come to the right place: Palos Verdes Coin is your trusted gold dealer, ready to answer all your questions about this precious metal.


Gold has never reached zero value throughout history, maintaining its economic significance despite wars, depression, political uprising, and natural disasters. No single nation's currency has lasted more than 200 years without being backed by gold. Additionally, gold's price is less subject to change. This stability means depending on your needs, it is almost always a good time to buy or sell gold.


When it comes to physical gold buying, a significant advantage is that you directly own the gold. This physical ownership means you can collect and store it outside of the financial system, reducing your risk based on other institutions. In our gold sales, you'll find that we have a variety of coins and gold bars that appeal to any collector or investor.


As a gold buyer, we promise to give you a fair price for your jewelry, coins, or other scrap gold. Visit us today in Torrance, CA, to have your pieces weighed or see what we have for sale.

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