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Stacking Coins
Coin Buying

At Palos Verdes Coin, we're experts in coin buying and selling. Bring in your collection or any pieces that you have for coin appraisal. Depending on factors such as the date or mintmark, the population of the coin, and condition or finish, we'll assign a grade to your coin. This grade can help validate the coin's quality over time, even if you take it elsewhere. Grades help numismatists determine a coin's "state of preservation" for future buying, selling, or collecting with other precious metals of similar type.


One of the easiest ways to exchange precious metals is through coins. The added benefit of gold coins is that they often carry added value than simply bullion due to their additional design and minting costs. They're also easier to gift, present, or hide away and store due to their smaller size. This smaller size allows you to carry valuable pieces with much more ease than larger metal bars.


As specialists in gold and silver coins, you can rest assured that our knowledge and expertise are current and accurate. Whether you are looking to start your collection, wanting to invest, or are a seasoned collector, our store in Torrance, CA, is bound to have pieces to pique your interest.

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